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I AM NO LONGER IN HAWAII. NOW PRACTICING IN ARIZONA. Welcome to my website! My name is Tirzah and I am a professional Tantra educator, Yoga Instructor, Intimacy Coach, Wellness Retreat Host, Massage Therapist, published author and Love Enthusiast. Please read about any topic that interests you. Feel free to contact me anytime. Blessings of abundant Love and Light!



Agama graduation

“What if we helped each other to manifest our most beautiful, sexy, intelligent, creative, and adventurous inner selves, instead of cooperating to suppress them.” ~Pat Califia

Tantra says, “Deep inside you, you are already free. You are already unblocked, radiant, you are the beginning and ending, the source, the earth, the sun and moon, the universe.”

“Shakti is the essence of bliss; she is the LOVE POWER!”




Due to personal energetic reasons, I am not accepting clients who support our presidential party. I cannot consciously work with anyone who endorses hate, bigotry, racism and division. I have too much respect for women, immigrants and the environment to pretend it’s all good.  I must be true to myself during this scary process. I have compassion for my brothers and sisters everywhere but I will not go against my own peaceful views or expose myself to heavy, repugnant vibrations at this time. Thank you for understanding.                                                                            


What My Beautiful Clients Are Saying….

Tirzah is a fabulous massage therapist! My husband and I highly recommend her!
JenniferParadise Valley, Arizona


I appreciate any words you feel called to share regarding your experience with me. Thank you! Valued Feedback

Mission Statement

It is Tirzah’s sincere mission to spread ALOHA = “The joyous sharing of life energy in the present.”

She believes it is vitally important to make love to our life, no matter how we choose to drink in the joy. Whether through therapeutic massage, the moving meditation of an asana practice, conscious eating, mindful words, thoughts and actions, walking in nature or simply stepping away from the business of the everyday chaotic matrix to breathe deeply and reconnect to the divine energy flowing through and all around us.

Tirzah strives to promote love, unity, healthy living, consciousness, lightheartedness and peace through a total body, mind, and spirit approach. While embracing the healing power of nature, Tirzah creates an environment of rejuvenation.

Tirzah encourages genuine self-expression, knowing full well that everyone is responsible for their own happiness. She works to remind people that they have a choice in what information they absorb, what they do with it, and how they let it affect them.

She strongly advocates optimism in any situation, and supports doing what we love, even if it doesn’t make sense. Not dwelling on things that probably won’t affect our eternal happiness, is a persistent goal throughout all facets of Tirzah’s practices. She nurtures a slower paced lifestyle, embodying the dogma that magic happens in the quiet stillness between inhale and exhale. Tirzah tirelessly works to spread love and laughter across the world like wildfire, while concurrently severing the illusion of separateness.

She deeply resonates with the Tantric path as it has captivated her with its extraordinary teachings for many years. She is wholeheartedly passionate about Tantra, as it continues to shift her consciousness and blow her mind in boundless and profound ways. Tirzah is eager to share this beautiful form of yogic spirituality with open minds everywhere.

She considers herself a citizen of the world and has received the richest education through travel. She genuinely adores culture shock, bare feet, dreaming, coconuts, laughter, oddities, buzzing meditations, celebrations, expansion, staring at spiders, zoning out in nature and making Love (in every sense of the word).

Tirzah is highly optimistic about living fully and focuses her time and energy on experiences rather than material things. She is currently working on expanding her heart and mind, eliminating self-doubt and finding amusement in any situation.

“Do not suppress your feelings, choose whatever you will, and do whatever you desire, for in this way you please the Goddess. Perfection can be attained by satisfying all one’s desires.” ~Guhyasamaja Tantra

“To the pure in heart, everything is pure.” ~Kaulavali Nirnaya Tantra



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