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The movie Samsara was not only visually stunning but spiritually enlightening.  The word ‘samsara‘ holds a variety of similar meanings according to different religions. It’s basically continuous flow. It’s the endless cycle of life/death/rebirth…the finite world of change…passing through states … Continue reading

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Magic Mudras

Ever wonder why we place our hands together at our hearts in yoga, prayer or greeting people in the Eastern world? It’s one of the many lovely and spiritual “mudras.” Mudras are ritual positions that influence energy flow and reflexes to the … Continue reading

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Down Dog

Today I am grateful for adhomukha svanasana (downward-facing dog). This exhilarating posture is so super cool! It’s practiced in most yoga classes around the world and why not? It’s awesome! It brings us magnificent energy, calms our busy brain, slows the heart … Continue reading

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