7 Solid Ways to Get High Naturally

For years, I adored the pleasantries of a mindless buzz brought about by certain intoxicants. 

I found pleasing solitude in quieting my incessant mind chatter, which I felt was the culprit of unnecessary disturbances. Although I still may visit that specific induced state on occasion, I receive deeper and longer lasting gratification through substance-free sources.

The pure feelings associated with getting high, the full-bodied lightness, the dissolution of tensions, the silly sensations buzzing through me, and the lack of care for the nagging distractions feed and center me. The more attention I place on the harmonious balance of feeling good, the less likely I’m lured into the demonic tornado of bad vibes.

The carefree thought of floating through cosmic space on a brilliantly alive planet deserves my attention much more than the injustices blasted on social media, the nonsensical news, or the drama of typical human complaining. When I’m high, my mind softens, layers dissolve, and I’m invited to merge with higher frequencies of universal peace.

Getting high goes beyond “zoning out.” I think it’s more like zoning in. Beyond our skin, bones, muscles, cells, and subatomic particles, we are composed of vibrating waves of energy. How cool! Since we areenergy, doesn’t it make sense to let it flow in tranquility rather than stagnate in disorder?

When I participate in the social world, I’m often bombarded by discouraging misfortunes. There is a lot of heavy bullsh*t that craves our attention. That’s why getting high is so beneficial. It eases my mind from the unfavorable suffering and kindly shifts it into the elation realm of simply being alive.

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