Oxytocin Cocktail!

Oxytocin is my ‘drug’ of choice! A brilliant little molecule found naturally in our bodies is responsible for boosting our brains with trust, security, self esteem and yummy gushy feelings. Secreted by the amazing pituitary gland, this cuddle hormone plays a significant role in reducing unnecessary stress and fear by heightening levels of calmness and contentment.

Interactive touch stimulates oxytocin release. So do positive sensory experiences, eye gazing, meditation and even thoughts of a special someone. Oxytocin breaks down social barriers by increasing the desire to be friendly and connect with others. It opens doors to greater compassion and generosity and is essential in strong human bonding. But, this magnificent love potion can be a deceiving lil trickster because of it’s potency. After intimacy, so much of this delicious chemical cocktail is released, it can make us think we’re in love (even if we aren’t!). Damn!

Caution: The perception we have after high levels of oxytocin may be just an illusion. An addictive one! The remedy? More oxytocin! “Humans enjoy the reward that comes from feeling good after intimacy. In nature — and sometimes in the world of humans — after receiving their ‘feel good dose’ the males go back to being themselves, The female view is very different with this oxytocin release.” (Psychology Today). Yeah, duh. Withdrawal states can be horribly unbearable. And stupid. You can actually buy oxytocin nasal spray. But wouldn’t it be more fun to stay fit and happy with hugs, kisses, yoga, massage and love making!? It’s so good for your health!

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