Six Favorite, Cruelty-Free Products

  1. Jade Yoni Egg

Originally reserved for Chinese royalty, jade egg practice is available for all women who want to step into their divine essence and form a deeper relationship with their bodies. “Yoni” or sacred temple, source of life, is the seat of feminine power and deep womb wisdom. It is also a highly receptive area. Using a jade egg in the yoni nourished mind/body/spirit and allows us to feel into our holy space while connecting potent puss vibes to the rest of our body. A yoni egg not only strengthens the muscles but heightens creativity and orgasmic potential, reduces moon cycle disturbances and harmonizes emotions. It also transforms sexual energy into spiritual energy. I’m super excited to share these ancient techniques in the near future. Stay tuned!

2. Josie Maran’s moisturizer/sunscreen. 

Many moons past an Aussie buddy gave me some awesome facial zinc. I lived in Hawaii at the time and loved the shimmer and smoothness it gave to my sun-kissed face. Years later I searched for something similar yet conscious (not tested on animals, no funny toxins..). I found this wonderful product. It’s become part of my daily routine. I’m outside often and prefer avoiding heavy toxic makeup on my skin. Since skin is a receptive organ, I don’t want to absorb chemicals. This moisturizer adds just the right amount of radiance. It is “An Argan Oil-infused, chemical-free sunscreen which protects against sun damage while a universal tint adds warmth and radiance to skin. It’s 100% cruelty free, vegan, synthetic fragrance free, recyclable and gmo free.” What a great find!

3. California Natural V’tae Skincare Coconut Tangerine Lotion

Years ago on a visit to Maui Kombucha in Haiku, a very pleasant aroma hit my nose. I was nearly spellbound by the tropical scent. It drifted from the female server behind the bar. I insisted she share with me what magnificent product she wore that smelled so heavenly. I searched for it that day. The lotion is now my go-to for smoothness, moisture, skin hydration, fragrance and a mental journey back to the islands.

4. My faithful tongue scraper.

Every morning upon waking for the past five years I scrape my tongue. During sleep our lymphatic and digestive systems work on eliminating toxins from the body. Germs commonly collect in the mouth, which is why our breath isn’t so lovely in the morning. Our tongues are home to loads of slimy bacteria. As convincing as mouthwash and toothpaste ads are, these products don’t actually cleanse the tongue. We’re tricked into thinking its clean because of the fresh, minty flavor. Brushing the tongue only moves the film around. Eventually it’s swallowed and in time can result in heart problems and other diseases. Tongue scraping has been a part of daily oral hygiene in the East for centuries. For proper cleansing, use a tongue scraper each morning to remove the plaque coating before brushing. Scrape the tongue a few times starting at the back, rinsing the scraper in  between. I highly recommend adding this ancient Ayurvedic tradition to your morning routine. It’s a beneficial and simple practice that takes under a minute. Isn’t your health worth it? Say goodbye to the colonies of bad bacteria living on your tongue. You will feel more energized and refreshed. A silver scraper is better than plastic, as it has antibacterial properties.  

5. Pink Salt.

No morning ritual is complete without rubbing salt on my teeth and gums. Salt is a natural way to pull toxins from the mouth. I simply dip a wet finger into good quality salt (not table salt), massage my gums on and under my tongue then rinse. This practice results in a mouth so clean, brushing is almost unnecessary. Plus, it feels really good.

6. Palo Santo

This natural “holy wood” is believed to bring healing and good fortune. Enhancing my connection with the earth, burning these sticks elicits such pleasant feels. The smoke eliminates bad vibes and lower energies, which is why I also burn this magical wood after each massage I give. To me it is very spiritually purifying. It’s also known to reduce anxiety and increase creativity. I love it when the natural aroma wafts around the whole house and transports me to an whimsical world of organic wonder.  

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