Tongue Scraping

TongueScraper1Is anyone scraping their tongue when they wake up? Anyone?

Once I began this ancient and highly beneficial simple practice, I was hooked!

While we sleep, our magnificent lymphatic and digestive systems work on eliminating gross toxins from the body. These germs commonly collect in the mouth, which is why our breath isn’t so lovely in the morning.

Our tongues are home to loads of slimy bacteria. As convincing as mouthwash and toothpaste ads are, they don’t actually cleanse the tongue! We’re just tricked into thinking its clean because of the minty flavor. Brushing the tongue only moves the film around. Eventually it’s swallowed and in time can result in heart problems and other diseases.

Tongue scraping has been a part of daily oral hygiene in the East for centuries.

For proper cleansing, use a tongue scraper each morning to remove the plaque coating and then brush. Simply scrape the tongue a few times starting at the back, rinsing the scraper in between. It’s really fun!

You can purchase these U-shaped scrapers at most health food stores for cheap. Silver is better than plastic, as it has antibacterial properties.

I highly recommend adding this ancient Ayurvedic tradition to your morning routine. It takes less than a minute and isn’t your health worth it!? Once you tongue scrape, you’ll never go back!

Say goodbye to the colonies of bad bacteria living on your tongue! I promise you’ll feel more energized and refreshed!

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