Yoga and Wellness Retreats


For the Ladies! Awakening our Shakti Spirit!

October 10-16 2017

We will spend 6 days nourishing our sweet selves through yoga, meditation, pranayama, nature exploration and relaxation! Delicious vegan meals prepared by award-winning chef.  

        Treat yourself!

This  is a beautiful opportunity to awaken our feminine brilliance and nurture our body, mind and spirit through a deepened yoga and meditation practice while attaining ancient yogic wisdom, connecting with nature and indulging on conscious cuisine.

Promising potent personal development, soul expansion, deep relaxation and full-bodied, nourishing bliss in a charming, organic retreat center surrounded by Oak Creek.

“Adya is Earth Mother, the original power, from which all five senses, and all five elements originated. Adya-Shakti or Kali is the power from which the universe has emanated, she is the mother of the entire universe.”


This retreat is for you if:

  • Your body is thirsty for stretching, healthy food and spiritual knowledge.
  • You need space from the busy matrix to find your stillness in Nature.    
  • You’re curious about Tantric spirituality, the divine feminine and the chakras.
  • You want to learn how to listen to your intuition, and trust it!  
  • You want to increase creativity, will power, self-expression, mental clarity.  
  • You want to remove any layers preventing you from living your most joyful life.
  • You feel overwhelmed and/or discouraged by the state of the world and want to tap into your own power and self-worth.        
  • You don’t always make time to pamper yourself but you fully deserve it.

Each morning we will begin the day by grounding ourselves with the magic of meditation, followed by a yoga class involving in-depth and well-explained yogic postures; learning how each pose can promote particular physical, energetic, mental and emotional wellness. (For example, cobra pose opens the heart and increases compassion!)

You will have the afternoon free to relax, rest, read, write, walk, swim, get a massage, connect with your sisters, dance, play or whatever you like!

Tirzah, your hostess, will be offering optional afternoon discussions with Q&A on topics ranging from healthy moon cycles, sacred sexuality, Tantra for the goddess and simple tools to release unhealthy habits.

We’ll have another yoga class in the afternoon followed by a delectable dinner.


Mainly vegan with some vegetarian cuisine will be prepared lovingly by award-winning chef, Jada Shiya. She will provide not only our meals but also detailed menus, nutritional benefits and her entertaining personality.  

Jada is a three-time consecutive award winner at Devour and a highly experienced culinary genius! And she is fabulous! Her diverse creations will include wild mushroom fajitas, curried pumpkin with forbidden black rice, fancy avocado toast, fresh fruit shakes, chia coconut pudding pops plus much more.   

Two main meals will be served daily plus healthy snacks in between and/or fresh organic juices. Meals will be served following classes each day consisting mainly of local, seasonal and organic cuisine. 

While working with the chakras, different courses will be offered which are directly linked to certain aspects of our health. For example, fruit works wonders in boosting creativity, root vegetables can be grounding, and yogi tea (chai) purifies the blood and improves immunity. 

Allergy or diet restrictions will be made in advance if we are notified ahead of time.  


Grace Grove Retreat center sits on a 25-acre peninsula surrounded by Oak Creek, organic orchards and gardens with abundant wildlife about 20 minutes outside of Sedona. It is an organically elegant and charming, eco-friendly oasis in red rock country.

With indoor and outdoor space to relax, read, write, walk amongst nature and swim in the nearby creek. The property is situated in a peaceful, quiet setting, far from the business of any city, with trees and lush vegetation all around. Each person will have her own bed in a shared bedroom with organic linens. High-speed wifi on the property. 

Do you wanna walk barefoot on the earth? Receive secret messages from the wind? Immerse yourself in refreshing clean water? Be mesmerized by the flickering of a fire? Hear the inner music of your soul? Become ignited by deep insight?


  • A chance to get away and step aside from all the hustle and bustle of city life
  • Peace and quiet for the mind, refreshing energy for the body
  • The ideal place to unplug, slow down that fast pace, and get back in touch with nature
  • Be more relaxed and refreshed than you’ve ever been



Tirzah has been graced with over a decade of international yogic experience. She spent ten years living, learning and teaching classes, workshops and retreats in Hawaii.

Her education includes 400 hours of yoga and meditation with eight months full time at Agama Yoga University, Ashtanga Vinyasa 200 hour yoga training, plus a variety of workshops on Naturopathic Yogic Healing, Tantra, Third Eye, Lucid Dreaming and a taste of Kashmiri Shaivism.

She is a professional massage therapist with ten years of practice as well as an Intimacy Coach, published author, and Love enthusiast.

With great influence from the East, Tirzah’s instruction includes an emphasis on organic alignment, breath awareness, energy sublimation and pure love!

Her compassionate practice is designed to substantially raise vibrations while consciously connecting mind, body and spirit in a light-hearted fashion.

Tirzah considers herself a citizen of the world and has received the richest education through travel (external and internal). She enjoys expanding her heart and consciousness through ceremonies with sacred plant medicines.

She adores culture shock, dreaming, coconuts, buzzing meditations, celebrations and cultivating knowledge through Nature. She is highly optimistic about living fully and focuses her time and energy on experiences rather than material things.

With an often playful authenticity, Tirzah encourages others to break through the veils of social conditioning in order to fully blossom, with our hearts as our guides. It is her soul’s purpose to benefit others in their evolution.

She offers herself wholly to her high vibe classes and retreats which heighten physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual well being…with a little bit of fun!

She feels most alive while illuminating herself and others in the vast ocean of boundless Love!  

Investment includes:

*6 nights accommodations in a charming, organic retreat center 20 minutes outside of Sedona, Arizona in natural setting on a 25 acre peninsula surrounded by Oak Creek, organic orchards and abundant wildlife. Organic linens, large kitchen, comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, couches, plenty of space to relax.  

*Conscious vegan/vegetarian cuisine (Two meals daily plus snacks, smoothies, juices) prepared by award-winning chef. Clean well water.

*Daily meditation and yoga classes varying in style, with focus on different chakras and how they relate to aspects of our lives. 

*Sedona excursion to vortex

*Tantra for the Goddess! Techniques to honor and empower our feminine nature, deepening our relationship with ourselves and the world around us.

*Massage and colonics available (for extra fee)

Also included…

*Time to honor our Feminine Nature in Nature

*Profound Personal Development

*Heart and Soul Expansion

*Mental and Emotional Alignment

*Physical Rejuvenation

*Heightened Overall Wellness

*Sparks of Creativity

I’m happy to answer any questions! (808) 205-0901


$1599 (Shared room with double/twin bed)

$1799 (Private room)

$255 deposit to hold space


Adya Yoga Retreat offers a safe space to expand into the light of who we are. We will remove layers that have been preventing us from fulfilling our most abundantly joyous life. This retreat embodies truth, light-hearted fun, depth of spirit, health/wellness and pure, authentic delight!

The Sacred Plant Medicine Ceremony will be held the 5th night. It is fully optional. 

If you feel called to participate, please contact Kasia for additional info on preparation, diet, contributions and what to bring, etc.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask Kasia or myself. We are more than happy to help!