Plant Based Cuisine


I LOVE feeling good! It’s incredible how amazing and light we are actually able to feel if we take care of ourselves. Not only physically but energetically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Following a plant-based diet has drastically improved my overall health and wellness. It also allows me to be in harmony with what my heart resonates with in the way of compassion, environmental restoration, body, mind and soul wellness and the life and freedom of all sentient beings.

I decided to stop eating animals in 2011. Initially I wanted to branch out from the typical American diet of meat and potatoes. I knew I could expand the plethora of colors, tastes and nutritional values on my plate. I had no idea how fun or beneficial it would be!

I’ve been mainly vegan since 2017. Due to trusting my inner guidance and the increasing research on plant-based diets, it was an effortless change. It’s no longer worth it to indulge in foods or substances that significantly interfere with my deeper experiences or clash with my personal beliefs.

I don’t insist or expect anyone to agree or understand my lifestyle and personal choices.  I can’t consciously support the meat and/or dairy industry anymore. It was easier to be in the dark concerning this sensitive topic but I can’t unlearn the knowledge I’ve been fed.

I feel SO much healthier and happier. It’s a huge part of my yoga practice to be mindful about how my decisions affect the whole and whether they reduce or increase misery (for either the animals, the planet or my own body).

Here’s a recent published article I wrote on veganism:

4 Compelling Reasons to Finally go Vegan