Life and Love Coaching

Tirzah listens with a rare sense of compassion. She offers her clients ways to tune into their own inner wisdom. Tantric Spirituality inspired Life, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching for couples, singles and groups: Specifically designed to amplify vibrations of the Heart. 

*Heighten Connection with yourself, your Beloved and the Whole World

*Understand the Tantric view of Femininity and Masculinity

*Female/Male Empowerment

*Sexual Empowerment

*Purifying Dietary Wellness

*Heart-Opening Partner Interactions 

*Specific Techniques to Boost Vitality, Mental Clarity, Emotional Stability, Creativity, Communication & Sexual Health

*Meditations, Yoga Postures, Breath work, Yogic Philosophy & Psychology

*Chakra Awareness

When was the last time you felt profound joy permeate your being as thoughts, cares and worries turned into soft, golden particles while nothing remained but true, overall bliss?

Allow yourself to transcend from the norm of this often frustrating and stressful reality into a higher frequency of peace, kindness, unity, authenticity and pure love.

We all deserve to feel joy! Live your Dreams. They’re waiting for you!

Tantra says, “Deep inside you, you are already free. You are already unblocked, radiant, you are the beginning and ending, the source, the earth, the sun and moon, the universe.”