Kambo: Choosing Frog Sweat over a Flu Shot

Once the sticky secretion was applied onto the superficial burns in my upper arm, I began to feel the potent effects almost immediately. I sat upright breathing deep and focusing my attention inward while praying for harmonious healing. My heart raced as if frantically pumping itself. I felt flushed and strangely possessed as my face swelled. I could feel the frog’s peptide-rich sweat surge warmly through my cramped abdomen. Waves of bizarre energy rippled upward and before I knew what was happening, intense nausea set in. My body collapsed over the bucket and I began to purge.

Kambo (or sapo) comes from the sweat of the giant Amazonian tree frog. It has been known as a miracle cure, the “ultimate detox,” a “molecular electric shock,” “the vaccine of the forest,” and an “extremely powerful way to reach and treat disease.” Once the kambo is applied to the small, dotted burn wound, the waxy substance eases into the lymphatic system, significantly enhancing immunity with its rich array of neuropeptides. The body temp rises just enough to allow bacteria and viruses to die off. It’s even believed to eliminate heavy, subtler energies and keep the senses heightened long after a session.

“Scientific studies over three decades have shown that the (kambo) secretions consist of many amino acids (peptides) that are proven to stimulate healing and be genuinely beneficial to the health of the body. Research at the University of Paris in France has revealed that kambo is effective in destroying cancer cells. Kambo also has one of the world’s strongest combination of naturally occurring antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and anaesthetic properties.”

I was in total agony. Stubborn and uncomfortable, I half resisted to more internal cleansing before fully surrendering into the pink vessel below my puffed face. Repulsive bile spewed from the depths of my guts. I vomited repeatedly with greater satisfaction following each spell. Dry heaving, spit and disgusting, un-ladylike sounds exited my mouth. My eyes watered, snot dripped from my nose. I was faintly aware of my gasps for air as I clenched my stomach. I made the decision to partake in the medicine believing it might offer a boost in immunity, full-bodied purification and increased clarity. But as it worked its way through my system, I wanted to escape the self-induced misery.

“Kambô is believed to be one of the world’s strongest natural antibiotics and remains the most natural and direct way to strengthen and protect the human immune system.”

Although quite intense, the distress didn’t last long. Once I was well enough, the facilitator removed the glob of Amazonian medicine from my burns and I was left to rest. Spent and tender, I laid on a cushion with my eyes closed. I was flushed with genuine gratitude as a sweet calm washed over me. A wee pool of tears collected in my eyes as I congratulated myself for getting through the rough part. Feeling more centered, I tuned into the soothing live music played to support the brave participants. Pleasant aromas of sage and incense wafted through the high vibrational room.

“Kambo triggers a variety of beneficial chemical reactions in the human body. It has the ability, unlike many other natural and pharmaceutical substances, to cross the blood-brain barrier, enabling it to reach deep into the body and bring support to otherwise difficult to treat areas.” ~Vittorio Erspamer

The ceremony began with the knowledgeable, accommodating and encouraging facilitator explaining the process of from where the kambo had come and what to expect. Specific tribes of the jungle, such as the Matses of Brazil, sing to the frogs to lure them from the trees where they are captured temporarily. Only a small percentage of the venomous secretion is collected ethically and carefully. The frogs are shown respect and honored as healing beings. Purchasing this medicine, which the tribes believe should be available to all, helps them sustain their local communities without being bought by corrupt corporations. What’s interesting is that the frogs don’t produce this particular sweat in captivity, preventing it from being taken advantage of by greedy pharmaceutical companies.

“The Matsés are in a way gatekeepers as their continuous efforts to stand up against the devastating oil business and loggers also protects the still uncontacted tribes that live beyond their lands and who do not receive the protection they desperately need. The Matsés tribe is strengthened as this cooperative allows for the financial means necessary for the production of their own educational material. ” ~Caminho da Luz

Our intimate group of strangers introduced ourselves, shared our intentions and prepared our bodies with a lot of lukewarm water to assist in the purge. Each participant received the medicine individually at different times. The ceremony was a rare opportunity in a safe, warm-hearted environment.

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Kambo: Choosing Frog Sweat


Frog Image: Collective Evolution

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Why Nature Sex is my Church

As my body lies carefree on the supportive embrace of the ground, I’m reminded to let go.

Mind chatter ceases. My attention shifts to my breath and the subtle vibrations beginning to circulate within my welcoming human form.

Connecting so closely with the earth elicits a potent sense of firm foundation. I am like a tree with a base to keep me grounded, while my consciousness is given the freedom to roam. With no pressing matters of unnecessary stress to hold onto, I melt into the moment, fully aware that surrender is the key to powerful sex.

Sometimes, I hear nothing but waves, or a trickling river birthed by snow-capped mountains, a gentle breeze, and birds serenading one another with their charming love songs.

I hear my own breath deepen and that of my beloved’s. I welcome dirt, sand, and grass to mingle with my backside. I long to feel the prana (life force) from below frolicking with my own. I offer my nudity to the rawness of the land. I am warmly blanketed by Mother Earth, whose essence encourages copulation, and allows layers to dissolve along with my busy ego.

Unconstrained by the prison of clothes, my lover and I begin to explore one another. There is no rush.

The sense receptors on my skin absorb the appeasing freshness in the air. I become less concerned with how I look or sound. The earth inspires me to remove all masks of identity, to be unapologetically real, human, playful, and innocent.

Telluric energy streams into the channels of my being as I become more familiar with the fact I’m not separate from nature, but rather an extension of her. My perception heightens as it eases past my limited five senses. I give myself. I pray. I consecrate the fruits of my blessed union to Divine Consciousness, the source of will and manifestation.

The arousal builds fast, as it usually does when I’m outdoors, distanced from societal drama and heavy city vibes. I have no concern for time or space. The big blue planet’s sanctuary encourages me to check out of the often frustrating mundane and tune into the pure rhythms of life. Stirring sexual energy guides me to envision total planetary peace. I remind myself that visionary fantasies don’t need to be imprisoned by the walls of practicality.

I let the fullness of my inhalations increase elasticity in my lungs as the molecules dance with the surrounding atmosphere. The exhalations encourage a deeper relaxation.

My bodily expressions invite my consort into my sacred temple. I’m entered very slowly as he looks at me. I’m present and participating in the cherished moment as it is so holy. The profound vibrations of yin and yang merging into one cause me to pray again. I’m becoming the earth now. Wide and free. Abundant. Alive without borders, creating, expanding, trusting to be moved in harmonious directions. Melting into all that was and all that ever will be.

No doubt spirit is involved in our coitus, and she is quite pleased. As my man’s pillar of life kisses the most receptive pole in my body, tears drench my face. His solar wand acts as an instrument which allows my skin-encapsulated feminine form to catapult further into significant joy beyond mortality. Male and female yoking in non-duality.

Feeling beneath me the living entity of earth while receiving my lover evokes a profound merging with God. I am heaven, dirt, clouds, the smooth river rocks, and the flowing water I hear.

I am the moon and she is me. 

I am the wildlife, the shimmering stars. I am the earthworms, the seedlings, the nearby blossoms, and the sun that gives them life. I am the woodland nymph, and jungle pixie, the seductive mermaid, and wise old witch.

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Artwork by the beautifully talented Josephine Wall

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Confessions of an Agama Student

Many years ago I sat on a beach in Hawaii discussing yoga with an acquaintance. He spoke harshly about some sex school in Thailand. “Sex school?” I was intrigued. I occasionally felt mild boredom living in such a sexually disconnected and repressed Puritan society, which is why I found excitement in the idea of a supposed sex cult. He insisted I avoid the place during my upcoming travels due to the seediness and how women were used as objects. Against their will? Then why would they go? I wondered. I asked him when he attended. “I’ve never been. I just heard.” Hmm. Suspicious. How easy one is manipulated by words and ideas that fit our limited mindsets. I believe Wayne Dyer said that judging something we know nothing about is the highest form of ignorance.

A friend and trusted teacher highly recommended the same school. Who to believe? “If you’re on island, you should definitely attend some classes. I spent five years there.” Five years? It was hard to fathom anyone spending that amount of time at a yoga school. My curiosity peaked. I had been studying Tantra on Maui for a while, initially called to the path with desire to expand my sexual experiences. I had no idea how little sex plays a part in Tantra. So I was called to the little island in southern Thailand, compelled to broaden my horizons amongst other seekers on a similar quest.  

My First Tantra Session had Nothing to do with Sex

Months later I registered at Agama Yoga University on Koh Phangan, the mystery school I was warned about. I planned to stay a week just to get a taste of the praised yoga classes. I had practiced what I thought was yoga for a decade. So there’s more than asanas? During my short time I received such a vast array of captivating spiritual wisdom, I decided to stay for the month of level one. The hatha practice focused more on an energetic level, bringing awareness to the chakras and how they are directly linked to various states of consciousness.

The classes and lectures were so mind expanding and relevant for a rewarding and spiritually driven life, I couldn’t afford to miss level two. So I extended my trip. I didn’t know how to continue financially but somehow it worked out. I rented my space back home last minute and made the money I needed to stay. It seemed an outside force enabled me to remain on the path that aroused and awakened my spirit. A strange certainty assured me I was where I was meant to be.

I connected with beautiful, like-minded people. I felt comfortable discussing the magic and mysteries of life, rather than conforming to the norm of superficial small talk. I attended Tantra workshops which blasted doors open in my mind and released socially conditioned, negative attachments to sexuality in relation to spirituality. I adored the classes, which I repeated on occasion. I viewed the sacred act differently than those stuck to the heaviness of perversion, sin or fear so I loved being immersed in material to which my positive outlook on sexuality could relate. Was this the same school my prude buddy had bashed?  

After a rough phase of difficult emotional bullshit the following year, I knew living in the community I had grown to love would be of great benefit. I needed to be embraced within the holy bubble back on Koh Phangan, safe from self sabotage and pity parties and instead surrounded by conscious souls and high vibrational offerings. I was a wreck when I returned to Agama, deeply wounded and weighed down by a series of heavy personal tragedies. I nearly felt broken, weak and insecure.

After three more unforgettable months of daily classes, my reality shifted to extreme and  impressive heights. I became empowered, emotionally stable, wholly joyful and healthier than I had been in ages. Instead of burying, I honored my femininity. I devoted myself to the work. I not only attended more levels but workshops on a variety of subjects including lucid dreaming and naturopathic yogic healing, plus Kashmiri Shaivism and third eye retreats. To me they were priceless. I was thrilled to learn how elaborate the yogic path was, far beyond the typical and semi shallow physical components of Western gymnastics.

Each teacher was knowledgeable and supportive of my personal journey as it blossomed before me. Both male and female instructors held a safe space for me to heal and learn without any indecent or inappropriate words or actions. I was alone on a few occasions with senior male teachers. If only all men approached women that way. What a privilege to be not only seen, but celebrated confidently as divinely feminine. How liberating! I drank it in. I sensed no deliberate male domination or unfit flirting whatsoever. I considered initiating myself since I viewed some of the teachers as incredibly attractive. I admit there were times I fantasized about a male instructor lovingly ravishing me.

Two of the three seasons I spent at Agama, I was abstinent. No sex at a Tantric school?! My energy went towards rejuvenation, filling my cup with substance I resonated with (tossing out that which I didn’t). I spent time merging with higher energies and improving the way I participated in the world with an intention of one day helping others. Little did I know how much proper loving could play an active part.

One year I decided it was best for me to be intimate. Having sex with a Tantric man I trusted had an impact on my entire life. Some of the most enlightening, orgasmic experiences I ever had were in that community. When those involved are in alignment, sex can be a deeply transformative spiritual tool. I had no idea my body had the ability to act as a vessel into such sublime realms or how I could get so high without substances. I bow to those blessed events, as they were my teachers as much as anything else. What an honor to learn what my body, mind and spirit are capable of!

The Tantric wisdom I acquired shifted my reality, opened my heart and expanded my mind beyond the confines of fear, judgment, frustration, competition and hate. It encouraged me to see past dualities, balance feminine and masculine energies and unite with higher vibrations of love and light. The misunderstood system taught me how powerful I am and how I play a role calling in that which is best for my evolution.

Tantra: the Purest Form of Love

My third season (another three months) provided me with even greater in depth teachings. I studied more ancient yogic techniques, the enchantment of transfiguration, diverse meditations, deeper layers of Tantra, varied pranayamas, the mystical magic of mantras and yantras, yoga philosophy, goddess worship and the heart opening of devotional chanting. I felt absolutely incredible, as if each cell danced in soft light. 

I also discovered there are extraordinary people from all parts of the world who share similar views, who restored my faith in humanity and who have warmly touched my heart. That in itself was some of the best medicine. And most importantly, I learned about myself and how many layers there are. Although I was outside my comfort zone on occasion, by choice, I wouldn’t change anything, as it all helped me grow and expand my consciousness.

Teachers were available if I struggled with anything. I was treated with respect the entire time. Not once did I feel threatened. Not once did I feel forced to believe or do something against my will. I observed no message men were superior. If anything, I noticed the opposite. From my perspective, there was a strong female influence at Agama. Some of my most respected teachers were female. I would love to mention names only to express my genuine gratitude to those who helped me find myself, who lifted my confidence, trust and optimism and taught me how to follow the yamas and niyamas (moral and ethical guidelines) in my reality outside of school.

A cult though? Oh how we love to throw that word around. Isn’t religion a cult? Society? If Agama is considered a cult, I was fortunate to be a member for a brief time and long to return. With each visit my world became more rich, meaningful, successful and wondrous. I gained insight on how to take responsibility for my happiness while being in harmony with the greater good. I saw the light in others. I gained wisdom on how to live in true health and wellness, not only physically but mentally and emotionally. And sex became a profoundly spiritual experience, amplifying not only pleasure but wild ego abandon, deep devotion, gratitude for life and full-bodied cosmic euphoria.

Still feeling vulnerable and uncertain one year, I made an appointment to meet with Swami Vivekananda (Narcis) privately. I arrived alone to his home. I was mildly intimidated because of his brilliant, charismatic lectures and life changing curriculum. I sat on his couch with him across from me on a chair. We spoke. He was present, kind and encouraged me to follow my own path, even suggesting I teach others. In no way did I feel threatened. I was the one who asked for a hug on my way out. There was no groping or force, only smiles.

Had the founder attempted to cross boundaries in any way, I’d like to think I was strong willed enough to fight him off. But I trusted him. Maybe my dedicated desire to learn would have led me against my own intuition and morals. Maybe he was a good man with pure intentions. Maybe he knew I couldn’t easily be manipulated. Or maybe I was too blind to believe he would ever take advantage of women. Regardless, I’m sickened by what someone I admired has allegedly done. Thoughts run through my mind. How could he do this? Shame on him! How the fuck could anyone teaching spiritual codes of conduct move so far from them?

I can’t compare my experience to anyone else’s. I only know mine was a harmonious one. I know Agama helped heal and enlighten me on very deep levels. I know the education I received resonates with my heart and life’s journey. I know Tantra initially lured me for sexual reasons and how that has shifted to spiritual devotion. I know I am a better person from attending Agama, which is why I’ve gone through various stages of grief due to the recent, upsetting scandals. I was shocked, defensive, then angry in disbelief. Now I feel sorrow. I’m devoted to my own experience yet so hurt and astonished others may have suffered in the same environment I adored. I feel conflicted, off center and confused. But I won’t allow the apparent perverse actions to negate the depth of magnificent gems I received.

The alarming stories which have come forth left me deeply saddened and quite dismantled. My heart goes out to all affected by the morbid gloom. I sympathize with those who have been mistreated, including any who may be wrongly accused or misguided perpetrators. Sexual insecurities and/or abuse of power is a horrible mix. To place blame on the entire school is a drastic approach. To assume others knew and did nothing is also damaging. If the founder or others involved took advantage of their power to coerce students against their will, it is tremendously unfortunate and shouldn’t go unresolved. I would love to believe the words are embellished or terrible fabrications. I would love to deny the sickening accusations. But I don’t know anyone’s truth but my own.

I was a full-time student for eight months, on campus nearly daily, openly sharing many layers of life with other students and confiding in teachers. It never occurred to me anything dark crept behind the shadows. I heard stories, but from those unaffiliated with the school so their sensational words held little relevance. We are not all easily manipulated sheep, although we often act that way. We are in control much more than we might like to admit. We see what we want. We hear and absorb what fits us best. I know I am accountable for each decision I make. I was open to personal development while I was a student and that’s exactly what I received at Agama.

It’s easy to judge from the outside, as my buddy had done years ago. Had I taken his advice, I may have missed out on some of the most illuminating education I have had. Humans are quick to be swayed by their addictive personalities to drama but I don’t condone harmful behavior or defend abuse. I loved the lecture on karma at Agama. How can anyone not practice what they so eloquently preach and behave on the contrary?

Maybe demonic unseen forces possessed the abusers or even the victims. Maybe mixed messages were sent that should have been read better. Maybe those attacking Agama long to lash out towards a different path that’s harder to grasp. Maybe horrible things did happen. I never heard any firsthand accounts of misconduct by anyone at the school, which made me suspicious of the validity of outsiders. At this point it is hard to process the heavy claims boiling to the surface.

I wanted to remain informed with the recent turn of events but the aggressive hostility towards one another through naive, insensitive and offensive comments on social media regarding sexual misconduct are nauseating. I think this cyber storm is the cause for more separation and imbalance, especially when we all apparently agree abuse in any way should not be swept under the rug. I can’t comprehend throwing myself into a mess that has nothing to do with me unless I can be of benefit to the collective. Are the argumentative opinions contributing to harmony or an excuse to fight? Is the desire to support the alleged victims in a conscious and compassionate way, promote healing and shed light? Or blatantly attack those with diverse lifestyles who hold varied beliefs?

If we explore the transformative aspect of Agama, perhaps we could confirm how many individuals benefited from the spiritual teachings. I witnessed students heal a plethora of ailments, rid addictions, recognize the divinity in everyone, absorb and practice the eight limbs of yoga. I was one of many who became grounded in a more balanced, productive and stimulating life with boosted self esteem, improved ability to meditate, heightened physical wellness and a stronger connection to the Divine. Brainwashed? Maybe. But in a society that doesn’t encourage these things, I welcome that kind of brainwashing.

I haven’t attended the school in two years yet I continue to receive support from my instructors. The teachings have substantially enhanced every facet of my life. They amplify my adoration for yoga and the sweet purity of Tantra. I left with techniques which improve my daily existence, emotional stability, mental clarity, and vitality. I’m involved in healthier relationships and my sex life continues to skyrocket. I see the world around me with clearer eyes. Every day I spent at Agama, regardless of challenges or ego triggers, I thought to myself, “This is exactly where I’m supposed to be during this time of my life.” I cherish those rare realizations.

I believe there is a force working to balance the world when our human minds can’t quite understand the continuous process of creation, preservation and destruction. Just as a wildfire may be perceived as something awful, it is also an incredible opportunity for new growth. I’m grateful for some of the worst moments of my past because they have propelled me to where I’m now meant to be. I trust this is the case for everything.

I have sincere gratitude for what I obtained during my time at Agama. I continue to be shaped into the best version of myself with many of the profound and invaluable teachings still catapulting me forward. I hope the university purifies any contamination and remains an option for furthered education and restoration if those who may have been involved in damage are weeded out and darkness is replaced by light. I bow to teachers in every form and I bow in gratitude for the immense abundance of love and grace showered upon me. May we all be happy, free and living in the heart.

Heartfelt Blessings, Adya

“Everything on earth is of mixed character, like a mingling of sand and sugar. Be like the wise ant which seizes only the sugar, and leaves the sand untouched.” ~Babaji

Some high vibrational recommendations:

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The Unspoken Joys of Testes: A Women’s Perspective

During World Cup season I found myself especially interested in men and their balls. Not having a set of fun bags myself, I often stray to my lover’s nether regions to explore and fiddle with his figgy gems. I haven’t always been as interested in the hidden masculine oracles since I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. They dwell in such a mystery area, a private enigma. They initially seemed a hindrance from the main attraction until I learned to appreciate and include the sacred jewels during or independent of intimacy.

Nearly daily I stretch, cup and play with my man’s special sac. Of course he doesn’t mind the attention and I’m able to familiarize myself more with the tremendous wonder of the male anatomy. I may incorporate nut play during sexy time but often I massage the testes simply to entertain myself and my man regardless of whether sex is on the menu. I find it so amusing those prized packages can be leisurely hanging loose on the outside of one’s body.

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Six Favorite, Cruelty-Free Products

  1. Jade Yoni Egg

Originally reserved for Chinese royalty, jade egg practice is available for all women who want to step into their divine essence and form a deeper relationship with their bodies. “Yoni” or sacred temple, source of life, is the seat of feminine power and deep womb wisdom. It is also a highly receptive area. Using a jade egg in the yoni nourished mind/body/spirit and allows us to feel into our holy space while connecting potent puss vibes to the rest of our body. A yoni egg not only strengthens the muscles but heightens creativity and orgasmic potential, reduces moon cycle disturbances and harmonizes emotions. It also transforms sexual energy into spiritual energy. I’m super excited to share these ancient techniques in the near future. Stay tuned!

2. Josie Maran’s moisturizer/sunscreen. 

Many moons past an Aussie buddy gave me some awesome facial zinc. I lived in Hawaii at the time and loved the shimmer and smoothness it gave to my sun-kissed face. Years later I searched for something similar yet conscious (not tested on animals, no funny toxins..). I found this wonderful product. It’s become part of my daily routine. I’m outside often and prefer avoiding heavy toxic makeup on my skin. Since skin is a receptive organ, I don’t want to absorb chemicals. This moisturizer adds just the right amount of radiance. It is “An Argan Oil-infused, chemical-free sunscreen which protects against sun damage while a universal tint adds warmth and radiance to skin. It’s 100% cruelty free, vegan, synthetic fragrance free, recyclable and gmo free.” What a great find!

3. California Natural V’tae Skincare Coconut Tangerine Lotion

Years ago on a visit to Maui Kombucha in Haiku, a very pleasant aroma hit my nose. I was nearly spellbound by the tropical scent. It drifted from the female server behind the bar. I insisted she share with me what magnificent product she wore that smelled so heavenly. I searched for it that day. The lotion is now my go-to for smoothness, moisture, skin hydration, fragrance and a mental journey back to the islands.

4. My faithful tongue scraper.

Every morning upon waking for the past five years I scrape my tongue. During sleep our lymphatic and digestive systems work on eliminating toxins from the body. Germs commonly collect in the mouth, which is why our breath isn’t so lovely in the morning. Our tongues are home to loads of slimy bacteria. As convincing as mouthwash and toothpaste ads are, these products don’t actually cleanse the tongue. We’re tricked into thinking its clean because of the fresh, minty flavor. Brushing the tongue only moves the film around. Eventually it’s swallowed and in time can result in heart problems and other diseases. Tongue scraping has been a part of daily oral hygiene in the East for centuries. For proper cleansing, use a tongue scraper each morning to remove the plaque coating before brushing. Scrape the tongue a few times starting at the back, rinsing the scraper in  between. I highly recommend adding this ancient Ayurvedic tradition to your morning routine. It’s a beneficial and simple practice that takes under a minute. Isn’t your health worth it? Say goodbye to the colonies of bad bacteria living on your tongue. You will feel more energized and refreshed. A silver scraper is better than plastic, as it has antibacterial properties.  

5. Pink Salt.

No morning ritual is complete without rubbing salt on my teeth and gums. Salt is a natural way to pull toxins from the mouth. I simply dip a wet finger into good quality salt (not table salt), massage my gums on and under my tongue then rinse. This practice results in a mouth so clean, brushing is almost unnecessary. Plus, it feels really good.

6. Palo Santo

This natural “holy wood” is believed to bring healing and good fortune. Enhancing my connection with the earth, burning these sticks elicits such pleasant feels. The smoke eliminates bad vibes and lower energies, which is why I also burn this magical wood after each massage I give. To me it is very spiritually purifying. It’s also known to reduce anxiety and increase creativity. I love it when the natural aroma wafts around the whole house and transports me to an whimsical world of organic wonder.  

Palo Santo image: Myorganiclife.info

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7 Solid Ways to Get High Naturally

For years, I adored the pleasantries of a mindless buzz brought about by certain intoxicants. 

I found pleasing solitude in quieting my incessant mind chatter, which I felt was the culprit of unnecessary disturbances. Although I still may visit that specific induced state on occasion, I receive deeper and longer lasting gratification through substance-free sources.

The pure feelings associated with getting high, the full-bodied lightness, the dissolution of tensions, the silly sensations buzzing through me, and the lack of care for the nagging distractions feed and center me. The more attention I place on the harmonious balance of feeling good, the less likely I’m lured into the demonic tornado of bad vibes.

The carefree thought of floating through cosmic space on a brilliantly alive planet deserves my attention much more than the injustices blasted on social media, the nonsensical news, or the drama of typical human complaining. When I’m high, my mind softens, layers dissolve, and I’m invited to merge with higher frequencies of universal peace.

Getting high goes beyond “zoning out.” I think it’s more like zoning in. Beyond our skin, bones, muscles, cells, and subatomic particles, we are composed of vibrating waves of energy. How cool! Since we areenergy, doesn’t it make sense to let it flow in tranquility rather than stagnate in disorder?

When I participate in the social world, I’m often bombarded by discouraging misfortunes. There is a lot of heavy bullsh*t that craves our attention. That’s why getting high is so beneficial. It eases my mind from the unfavorable suffering and kindly shifts it into the elation realm of simply being alive.

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My First Tantra Session had nothing to do with Sex

I was browsing nipple pasties at an adult store for my upcoming birthday party. 

As I examined the curious items, I noticed a book on Tantra. With magnetic attraction, it lured me in. I scanned the pages, read a few passages, and became mesmerized by the fascinating images. I was officially intrigued.

The woman behind the counter mentioned that if I genuinely wanted to learn more on the intimidating yet tantalizing subject, she knew a beloved couple who could teach me about white Tantra. She kindly flipped through her phone book and found their number. I hid it in my purse, unsure if I’d ever call.

I had been living in Hawaii for three years. The enchanting, lush tropics of the island had invited my own sexuality to further blossom. I made love by the ocean, behind waterfalls, and in other natural environments. I began to feel more connected to the organic world and its frequencies. I was certain flowers grew where my lover and I had united in sexual bliss.

I didn’t know a thing about Tantra and, like many, assumed it revolved around sex and lasting longer in the bedroom. Although my island man and I fully enjoyed ourselves naked together, I suspected there was more depth to it.

I made the call not long after my birthday, thinking I’d treat my “inner goddess” to some ancient wisdom. I didn’t tell my friends about my appointment, as I feared outside opinions may have distracted me from my own authentic interest. Society encourages us to suppress our desires—but I wanted to know what else I could do with them on a spiritual level, so I kept it my little secret.

On the drive to the opposite side of the island, I became anxious. Thoughts flooded my head. Would I have to sleep with my teacher? Get naked? Would he make me do seedy things? What would I actually learn? Was it worth my time? I didn’t know how to quiet my busy mind, nor know what to expect.

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What’s the Deal with Internet Trolls?

In the early YouTube years, I watched a catchy and comedic video of a young boy rapping about fried chicken.

His impressive musical skill represented on the topic made me smile. I didn’t know at the time that people were able to comment on what others had posted. As I curiously scrolled down the numerous responses, I was shocked to read hateful and blatantly disrespectful messages bashing the kid’s talent.

Who were these angry people and why did it bother them so much? It broke my heart to think about how that child would feel if he read what I saw. These “trolls” sounded like they wanted to fight. But, perhaps they were the ones who needed my compassion.

“Troll, a term defining a highly dysfunctional online user who targets others using cyber harassment, internet defamation, online deception, cyberstalking, disinformation, extortion, duplicity, and cyberbullying. The Internet Troll inhabits cyberspace like, ‘cockroaches hiding behind refrigerators waiting for the lights to be turned off.’ The Troll relies upon a fragmented unconscious and lives within a fantasy world of being powerful, in control and envied by all others…In reality, they feel completely opposite of what is portrayed to others. From an intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics standpoint, Trolls are plagued by immense feelings of inferiority, isolation, rage, paranoia, and jealousy for peers.” ~ Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. 

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4 Compelling Reasons to Finally go Vegan

Years ago, I shut a window on the tail of a gecko.

It fell to the ground and continued to wiggle around while I stood in shock with tears streaming down my face. I felt horrible for being the cause of its suffering. In high school, I hit a cat with my car and years later, a deer. I cried for hours after each unintentional incident.

I don’t want to be the reason any sentient being feels pain. So why would I choose to consume a dead animal?

I used to love a juicy filet. It was my meal of choice. I was socially conditioned from a young age to believe that meat was dinner. Like many, I was initially resistant to veganism or vegetarianism and judged them harshly. “Why should I give up what makes me happy?”

But, as I educated myself with the vast amount of knowledge available on diet and its personal and global consequences, I craved meat less and less. I fought the facts for a while—however, as I evolved, I realized each decision has an impact on myself and the world around me.

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The Sexual Imbalance in Politics…from a Yogic Perspective

Our sexuality affects everyone around us, especially when the imbalance is as great as it is in politics.

When someone is sexually stable, they love and honor women and men of all sexes, races, orientation, and religious beliefs because they know variety is a celebrated expression of a harmonious nature.

As a usually very loving Tantra educator and intimacy coach, I identify greed, corruption, and an egotistical hunger for power to be stemming from sexual dysfunction and below the belt shortcomings.

When we’re involved in a healthy and enriching relationship with our bodies and/or our partners, sexual energy is invited to flow fluidly. This allows us to naturally exude peace, love, and joy for all humanity. Otherwise, negative, discriminating, stagnant energy controls our better judgment and poisons the world around us.

“If you want to know where your life is, look at your sexuality.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

No self-respecting women (or men) who have ever experienced the illuminating flush of deep sexual ecstasy could possibly be drawn to support something as shallow as our current deranged and misguided political parties.

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