7 Solid Ways to Get High Naturally

For years, I adored the pleasantries of a mindless buzz brought about by certain intoxicants. 

I found pleasing solitude in quieting my incessant mind chatter, which I felt was the culprit of unnecessary disturbances. Although I still may visit that specific induced state on occasion, I receive deeper and longer lasting gratification through substance-free sources.

The pure feelings associated with getting high, the full-bodied lightness, the dissolution of tensions, the silly sensations buzzing through me, and the lack of care for the nagging distractions feed and center me. The more attention I place on the harmonious balance of feeling good, the less likely I’m lured into the demonic tornado of bad vibes.

The carefree thought of floating through cosmic space on a brilliantly alive planet deserves my attention much more than the injustices blasted on social media, the nonsensical news, or the drama of typical human complaining. When I’m high, my mind softens, layers dissolve, and I’m invited to merge with higher frequencies of universal peace.

Getting high goes beyond “zoning out.” I think it’s more like zoning in. Beyond our skin, bones, muscles, cells, and subatomic particles, we are composed of vibrating waves of energy. How cool! Since we areenergy, doesn’t it make sense to let it flow in tranquility rather than stagnate in disorder?

When I participate in the social world, I’m often bombarded by discouraging misfortunes. There is a lot of heavy bullsh*t that craves our attention. That’s why getting high is so beneficial. It eases my mind from the unfavorable suffering and kindly shifts it into the elation realm of simply being alive.

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My First Tantra Session had nothing to do with Sex

I was browsing nipple pasties at an adult store for my upcoming birthday party. 

As I examined the curious items, I noticed a book on Tantra. With magnetic attraction, it lured me in. I scanned the pages, read a few passages, and became mesmerized by the fascinating images. I was officially intrigued.

The woman behind the counter mentioned that if I genuinely wanted to learn more on the intimidating yet tantalizing subject, she knew a beloved couple who could teach me about white Tantra. She kindly flipped through her phone book and found their number. I hid it in my purse, unsure if I’d ever call.

I had been living in Hawaii for three years. The enchanting, lush tropics of the island had invited my own sexuality to further blossom. I made love by the ocean, behind waterfalls, and in other natural environments. I began to feel more connected to the organic world and its frequencies. I was certain flowers grew where my lover and I had united in sexual bliss.

I didn’t know a thing about Tantra and, like many, assumed it revolved around sex and lasting longer in the bedroom. Although my island man and I fully enjoyed ourselves naked together, I suspected there was more depth to it.

I made the call not long after my birthday, thinking I’d treat my “inner goddess” to some ancient wisdom. I didn’t tell my friends about my appointment, as I feared outside opinions may have distracted me from my own authentic interest. Society encourages us to suppress our desires—but I wanted to know what else I could do with them on a spiritual level, so I kept it my little secret.

On the drive to the opposite side of the island, I became anxious. Thoughts flooded my head. Would I have to sleep with my teacher? Get naked? Would he make me do seedy things? What would I actually learn? Was it worth my time? I didn’t know how to quiet my busy mind, nor know what to expect.

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What’s the Deal with Internet Trolls?

In the early YouTube years, I watched a catchy and comedic video of a young boy rapping about fried chicken.

His impressive musical skill represented on the topic made me smile. I didn’t know at the time that people were able to comment on what others had posted. As I curiously scrolled down the numerous responses, I was shocked to read hateful and blatantly disrespectful messages bashing the kid’s talent.

Who were these angry people and why did it bother them so much? It broke my heart to think about how that child would feel if he read what I saw. These “trolls” sounded like they wanted to fight. But, perhaps they were the ones who needed my compassion.

“Troll, a term defining a highly dysfunctional online user who targets others using cyber harassment, internet defamation, online deception, cyberstalking, disinformation, extortion, duplicity, and cyberbullying. The Internet Troll inhabits cyberspace like, ‘cockroaches hiding behind refrigerators waiting for the lights to be turned off.’ The Troll relies upon a fragmented unconscious and lives within a fantasy world of being powerful, in control and envied by all others…In reality, they feel completely opposite of what is portrayed to others. From an intrapersonal and interpersonal dynamics standpoint, Trolls are plagued by immense feelings of inferiority, isolation, rage, paranoia, and jealousy for peers.” ~ Michael Nuccitelli, Psy.D. 

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4 Compelling Reasons to Finally go Vegan

Years ago, I shut a window on the tail of a gecko.

It fell to the ground and continued to wiggle around while I stood in shock with tears streaming down my face. I felt horrible for being the cause of its suffering. In high school, I hit a cat with my car and years later, a deer. I cried for hours after each unintentional incident.

I don’t want to be the reason any sentient being feels pain. So why would I choose to consume a dead animal?

I used to love a juicy filet. It was my meal of choice. I was socially conditioned from a young age to believe that meat was dinner. Like many, I was initially resistant to veganism or vegetarianism and judged them harshly. “Why should I give up what makes me happy?”

But, as I educated myself with the vast amount of knowledge available on diet and its personal and global consequences, I craved meat less and less. I fought the facts for a while—however, as I evolved, I realized each decision has an impact on myself and the world around me.

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The Sexual Imbalance in Politics…from a Yogic Perspective

Our sexuality affects everyone around us, especially when the imbalance is as great as it is in politics.

When someone is sexually stable, they love and honor women and men of all sexes, races, orientation, and religious beliefs because they know variety is a celebrated expression of a harmonious nature.

As a usually very loving Tantra educator and intimacy coach, I identify greed, corruption, and an egotistical hunger for power to be stemming from sexual dysfunction and below the belt shortcomings.

When we’re involved in a healthy and enriching relationship with our bodies and/or our partners, sexual energy is invited to flow fluidly. This allows us to naturally exude peace, love, and joy for all humanity. Otherwise, negative, discriminating, stagnant energy controls our better judgment and poisons the world around us.

“If you want to know where your life is, look at your sexuality.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

No self-respecting women (or men) who have ever experienced the illuminating flush of deep sexual ecstasy could possibly be drawn to support something as shallow as our current deranged and misguided political parties.

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Mother Nature: the Ultimate Goddess of Love

For over a decade, the alluring island of Maui was my precious home.

I was exposed to the pure rawness of the land—alive, flourishing, and unobstructed by concrete. I felt encouraged to open up in ways no overpopulated, polluted metropolis could arouse. I rarely wore shoes and the nudist in me softly awakened.

The blessed tropical sanctuary gifted me indescribable and inspiring wisdom of mystical importance that I will continue to cherish.

While living in paradise, I was motivated to further study sexuality, as it presented itself to me on a daily basis (in nature).

The undeniable connection between sex and spirit that I began to unknowingly experience my first years in Hawaii led me to follow the path of Tantra.

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How to Overcome our Strange Relationship to Loss & Death

“Spirit is free for all eternity. If its liberation seems to us a drama, it is because we place ourselves at a human point of view.” ~Yoga: Immortality and Freedom

My meditation altar caught fire recently.

The house filled with smoke as flames crept up the wall, burning away my cherished little sanctuary. I had only moments to witness framed pictures of my beloved gurus melt to black dust before my lover drenched the smoldering mess with water.

As mindful as I am with my candles, I had been careless that night. Although most of my sacred items were replaceable, the mini wreckage brought up many feelings of impermanence. Before I allowed anguish and regret to sink in, I analyzed the event, its timing, how and why  it happened and what it could teach me.

An hour earlier, I had gazed upon a picture of Kali, Goddess of time, death and destruction. It triggered thoughts of life and perceived loss. I saw everything as temporary, whether I liked it or not.

I contemplated deeper.

It’s been nearly ten years since I lost my dad. It was a devastating blow to my usually joyous life. Once his soul passed on, I wasn’t sure how to continue living; or more specifically, how to live in peace with the undeniable fact that loved ones die.

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How to Overcome our Strange Relationship to Loss & Death.

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10 Ways to Make my Toes Curl and my Eyes Roll Back in my Head (non-adult)


Sexuality is a common theme around most of my writing as it consumes my carnal mind more often than anything else.

For my own amusement, I wanted to bring forth other magnificent worldly delights that can knock our socks off.

Here is a list of thrilling pleasures unrelated to f*cking which elicit a similar response in my grateful body and spirit.

1. The first sip of cold coconut water straight from the source.

When drinking from an actual coconut (not an aluminum can of faux coco), I feel nourished by Mother Nature and quenched with organic hydration. It evokes chills, which dance through every cell as the cool liquid enters my system. I’m transported to a carefree tropical paradise with each refreshing swallow.

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Ten Ways to Make my Toes Curl & My Eyes Roll Back in my Head. {Non-Adult}





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Tantra: The Purest Form of Love.


“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As most of my friends know, I have been falling in love for decades. Allowing myself to plunge in the ocean of semi-superficial flings has been an intoxicating hobby of mine.

I would often be found saying “I’ve never known love like this before,” and that was true! Every time.

Each obsessive infatuation brought up different emotions, pleasures, challenges and lessons. I enjoyed not being fully committed or tied down.

The freedom to love was enriching; it fed me.

I was usually satiated physically, mentally and emotionally, but rarely spiritually. My previous affairs lacked the luster of true, unconditional love.

Is that even possible in modern day relationships?

“Unconditional.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? If we’re in love, we want to assume it’s absolutely infinite. As wild, ego-driven humans, we tend to attach love with desired outcomes. In this twisted, “civilized” world, lust and longing are often disguised as love.

A majority of relationships are based on “I love you if…I love you when.” Why not say, “I like you until you f*ck up.”

Genuine love isn’t a barter system; it comes without circumstances.

It can be a frustrating challenge to let go of our usual neediness to simply love with the whole heart, and without desperately yearning to receive something in return.

Our true being thrives from sincere, selfless love. Sacrificing our egos builds inner strength. When there is no agenda or hidden motives, and loving is simply enough, this is pure love.

It is Tantric love.

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Symptoms of a Tantric Trance. The Depth of Feminine Sexuality

“The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss.” Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings. And through the other-our partner-we fall in love with life.” ~Margot Anand

Although it is difficult to thoroughly express my experience with sexual Tantra, I will attempt to share words whispered from my warm heart.

Heavenly realms of full-bodied arousal

Luscious frequencies spiral up throughout every channel of my motionless body

Buzzing with extreme sense of profound peace

Letting go to complete intoxication of deep orgasmic ecstasy

Expansive waves of unexplainable delight ripple within each cell

Every particle of my being fluidly dissolved in the pure essence of Love

A safe immersion into joyful abandon, completely detached but never more connected

Melting deeper within Mother Earth’s nurturing embrace

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“..There is so much release of joy in you. For a single moment you disappear… you don’t know who you are…you are pure energy vibrating, pulsating. With no center to it, with no ego in it…you lose all boundaries, separation. You become vast, huge. You are no more separate from the other. Matter no longer exists. …every fiber of your being will be throbbing.” ~Osho

I humbly honor my sexuality and blessed, mystical orgasmic states. They are beautiful, natural, beneficial and sacred. I recognize them as transformative tools to further my spiritual evolution. I graciously offer each experience my deep devotion.

May each of us everywhere be blessed with transcendence and Love!


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