Client Love & Testimonials…

Tirzah is an awesome coach. She listens with an open mind, makes me feel understood, and offers practical guidance to assist me in my continued development. Our conversations have ranged from personal issues I am faced with to philosophical discussions of the world around us. Her suggestions are relevant, practical and effective. She listens attentively and responds with understanding, depth and compassion.
I have met with a considerable number of spiritual guides and counselors, but Tirzah stands out among them as someone I can comfortably open up to without concerns of facing ridicule or judgment. I look forward to a continued relationship with her as my healing journey unfolds, and I highly recommend her coaching services for anyone else looking to gain clarity in their journey.

NicholasPhoenix, Arizona

I had experienced energy work before but never from someone with an authentic tantric background. The session took me to let my energy flow in a way that was very orgasmic and i felt supported and deeply comfortable , it gave me a very clear understanding of how energy manifested in myself and how to use my breath. I’m very thankful.

DanielScottsdale, Arizona

Thank you so much Tirzah for the awesome experience! It went above and beyond what we expected. It was wonderful to feel such sensations all throughout the body. You are very gifted. Thank you for putting your heart into your work. It’s appreciated on so many levels. Until next time!

Anonymous Couple Scottsdale, Arizona

The session with Tirzah was more remarkable than I ever dreamed it could be. She is such a blessed soul.  It was almost like an out of body experience. I have had chronic pain for many years and at the end of the session my body was starting to learn that it can turn that signal off.  I have never felt so much peace and relaxation in every part of my body.

All the way home I thought about the experience. I want to thank you for making me feel so at ease and comfortable, for knowing and picking up on what I wanted and needed. The release of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, whatever it was made for an experience I never dreamed of. I truly was somewhere else but still feeling your touch and hearing your voice. I did not want to come back to reality.  You truly have a gift. I am so thankful my search led me to you. It gave me hope to know that I can reach this place of just surrendering. You put me at peace so I could allow you to do what you sensed my body, soul and heart needed. I look forward to many more sessions with you.

Thank you for a Beautiful new beginning!

BeckyPhoenix, Arizona

You really are a nice, sincere person. I really loved your energy and bright spirit Tirzah. You have your focus on all the right things in life, love. I wish you much joy, beautiful relationships and many blessings!


Down to earth with easy feeling of being open to love and how our heart affects our day.


Tirzah has joyful energy. She was down to earth, understanding, lighthearted. Great exercises! She was real, not acting like she’s got is all figured out. We are all here to remember more of who we really are. Keep it up! Much love!


My dear dear Tirzah. What an ecstatic experience meeting you and attending your class! I felt SO GOOD afterwards!!! Filled to the brim with love and joy. The sequence of poses you chose was perfect and I felt some real shifts…especially after the “pigeon angel wing pose”. Thank you!

Coconut GlenNahiku, Maui

Thank you for today. Such nice awareness! It brought our conversations and intimacy to a higher level. You did great facilitating. We both enjoyed it. Made for such a nice afternoon. Please do more of this work; it’s your calling. Really rad seeing you light up. Keep it up!

Erin and TaylorScottsdale, Arizona

Life experiences are frequently peaks, valleys, crests, and breakers. Time with Tirzah is the calm timeless stillness. Tirzah is the friend to guide you to a spiritual awareness of your own body. Let her hold your heart in her hand, let her free your muscles of pain, let her clear your mind of the inconsequential. Bury your concerns. Learn to value the unexpected. See Tirzah.