How to Overcome our Strange Relationship to Loss & Death

“Spirit is free for all eternity. If its liberation seems to us a drama, it is because we place ourselves at a human point of view.” ~Yoga: Immortality and Freedom

My meditation altar caught fire recently.

The house filled with smoke as flames crept up the wall, burning away my cherished little sanctuary. I had only moments to witness framed pictures of my beloved gurus melt to black dust before my lover drenched the smoldering mess with water.

As mindful as I am with my candles, I had been careless that night. Although most of my sacred items were replaceable, the mini wreckage brought up many feelings of impermanence. Before I allowed anguish and regret to sink in, I analyzed the event, its timing, how and why  it happened and what it could teach me.

An hour earlier, I had gazed upon a picture of Kali, Goddess of time, death and destruction. It triggered thoughts of life and perceived loss. I saw everything as temporary, whether I liked it or not.

I contemplated deeper.

It’s been nearly ten years since I lost my dad. It was a devastating blow to my usually joyous life. Once his soul passed on, I wasn’t sure how to continue living; or more specifically, how to live in peace with the undeniable fact that loved ones die.

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How to Overcome our Strange Relationship to Loss & Death.

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