lonelyLoneliness is a universal emotion. We’ve all felt it at one time or another; sometimes even when we’re surrounded by people.

I have felt the most alone while in the company of those I don’t connect with. Do you think another person(s) can cure that lonesome feeling? Why give others that responsibility? Own your happiness! Find peace in solitude.

Rarely do I feel lonely when I travel solo. But the other night as I watched happy couples dining on the sand on the beach under a romantic sunset, I started to feel alone. Why wasn’t someone with me to wine and dine and snuggle with? I walked a ways out on a pier to sit and meditate. Moments later I was hit with an overwhelming wave of gratitude that brought me to tears. It was surreal! I LOVE my family and friends so much! I LOVE this life! I am never alone. LOVE always keeps me company!

Whenever you feel lonely, close your eyes and inhale all that you love. Loneliness is then impossible!

“I’m the best form of entertainment I have.” -Charles Bukowski

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