Splash Water. Splash Happiness!

Water is extremely cleansing! How do you feel after a dunk in the ocean? A nice bath? A swim in a river? Running naked in the rain? It feels fabulous, right?

Imagine being in the world’s largest water fight! Each year Thailand enthusiastically celebrates Songkran water festival for their new year.

The origin of the word Songkran is Sanskrit, meaning to ‘move into.’ It’s the time of year when the sun’s orbit moves into each house of the zodiac. Towns are literally shut down. Men, women and children line the streets with super-soakers, buckets and hoses ready to drench one another.

Water is purifying and allows the flow of fresh starts. It’s believed to wash away bad thoughts and actions and is considered very lucky. It’s all good-natured fun which everyone loves to participate in. It’s really a wild mix of riot and respect with no way to stay dry.

This week I recommend water play to wipe any grimy slate clean for a  spectacular new you!

Splash water. Splash Happiness!

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