10 Ways to Make my Toes Curl and my Eyes Roll Back in my Head (non-adult)


Sexuality is a common theme around most of my writing as it consumes my carnal mind more often than anything else.

For my own amusement, I wanted to bring forth other magnificent worldly delights that can knock our socks off.

Here is a list of thrilling pleasures unrelated to f*cking which elicit a similar response in my grateful body and spirit.

1. The first sip of cold coconut water straight from the source.

When drinking from an actual coconut (not an aluminum can of faux coco), I feel nourished by Mother Nature and quenched with organic hydration. It evokes chills, which dance through every cell as the cool liquid enters my system. I’m transported to a carefree tropical paradise with each refreshing swallow.

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Ten Ways to Make my Toes Curl & My Eyes Roll Back in my Head. {Non-Adult}





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