Appreciated Simplicities: Confessions of a Jungle Princess

coconut drinkI love my simple existence

I love witnessing Nature’s divine expression all around me

I love the uncomplicated yet elaborate brilliance of the jungle

I love the penetrating peace of my hood, far from civilization

I love the smile that lights up my face when I walk in my door

I love learning patience from unripe avocados

I love the rawness of living off the grid

I love the little flying insects that magically appear in my trash reminding me to take it out

I love closing my eyes to smell a blossoming gardenia

I love seeing how much I can live without

I love not being concerned with material unnecessities

I love the trio of geckos who visit my window late in the evening (the tailless one, the shy one and the determined-to-catch-bugs one)

I love hearing the rain moments before it drops

I love knowing the direction it comes from and which windows to close

I love the color contrast between the deep blue ocean and the lush green vegetation

I love finding chocolate I hid from myself

I love hearing nothing but the wind, a bird’s song and the woody chime of bamboo when the breeze hits it just right

I love distancing myself from the norm

I love not having a tv

I love the seashells in my plants and on windowsills

I love coming out of a posture and not knowing where I am for a bit

I love finding vines thick with lilikois

I love sitting naked at my table writing silly things

I love the convenience of the swing chair on my deck

I love smiling for no particular reason

I love burning palo santo and blowing on the tip of the wood to watch it smolder

I love not having a mailbox

I love watching my succulents thrive regardless of rain or shine

I love being on a first name basis with the little spiders in my house

I love not needing to impress anyone

I love the way the cruise ship looks like a glowing caterpillar in the distance on the ocean Monday nights

I love seeing phallic shapes in clouds

I love knowing my white orchid hears me when I talk to her

I love how the light of the vast night sky changes in response to the moon

I love not running out of propane

I love floating on the surface of the ocean without a care in the world, learning that the more I let go, the more buoyant I become

I love the perfect temperature

I love holding a very large grasshopper in the palm of my hand

I love making it an adventure if I need to leave to gather provisions

I love getting lost in moments of sweet, buzzing vibes

I love the invigorating feel of a cold shower

I love being still and seeing where my mind goes

I love not washing my hair for days

I love the golden shimmer on the waves at sunset

I love the pure crunchy white meat of freshly cut coconut

I love having a symbiotic relationship with the ants

I love walking barefoot all day

I love not setting an alarm clock

I love highlighting cool shit in books

I love knowing it only gets better

I love believing in whatever I want

I love conversations with depth

I love laughing when hugging someone I love just because it’s so great

I love observing

I love having access to water

I love watching the flame flicker on a candle

I love getting so excited that the baby pineapple is ripening

I love making popcorn whenever I want, even if it’s late at night

I love not feeling guilty if all I do is sit and stare into space

I love rubbing pink salt on my gums

I love the freedom to change my mind

I love having just enough

I love being in love

I love the magnificent amusement of it all


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