How to Boost Our Orgasmic Potential


What if I told you it was possible to significantly heighten your orgasmic potential with a little below-the-belt muscle workout?

Our darling pelvis is home to some of the most important muscles in our body, yet we rarely give this divine wonderland the loving attention it deserves!

The PC or “pubococcygeus” (often referred to as Kegel) is known as the “love muscle,” since it cradles our sex organs and contracts during orgasm. The stronger it becomes, the longer, deeper and more intense climax will be. Isn’t that worth some pelvic floor fitness? Weak muscles can sabotage good sex!

This precious kingdom can become soft, flaccid and nonfunctioning when we ignore it, causing a plethora of unwanted disease and energy stagnation.

Strengthening this valuable area not only stops pee (and poo!) from leaking out, it also prevents energy loss. The act of pulling up on the pelvic floor raises dull sex energy into sweet and refined, allowing delicious sensations to flow throughout the entire body, not just localized in the genitals.


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