My First Tantra Session had nothing to do with Sex

I was browsing nipple pasties at an adult store for my upcoming birthday party. 

As I examined the curious items, I noticed a book on Tantra. With magnetic attraction, it lured me in. I scanned the pages, read a few passages, and became mesmerized by the fascinating images. I was officially intrigued.

The woman behind the counter mentioned that if I genuinely wanted to learn more on the intimidating yet tantalizing subject, she knew a beloved couple who could teach me about white Tantra. She kindly flipped through her phone book and found their number. I hid it in my purse, unsure if I’d ever call.

I had been living in Hawaii for three years. The enchanting, lush tropics of the island had invited my own sexuality to further blossom. I made love by the ocean, behind waterfalls, and in other natural environments. I began to feel more connected to the organic world and its frequencies. I was certain flowers grew where my lover and I had united in sexual bliss.

I didn’t know a thing about Tantra and, like many, assumed it revolved around sex and lasting longer in the bedroom. Although my island man and I fully enjoyed ourselves naked together, I suspected there was more depth to it.

I made the call not long after my birthday, thinking I’d treat my “inner goddess” to some ancient wisdom. I didn’t tell my friends about my appointment, as I feared outside opinions may have distracted me from my own authentic interest. Society encourages us to suppress our desires—but I wanted to know what else I could do with them on a spiritual level, so I kept it my little secret.

On the drive to the opposite side of the island, I became anxious. Thoughts flooded my head. Would I have to sleep with my teacher? Get naked? Would he make me do seedy things? What would I actually learn? Was it worth my time? I didn’t know how to quiet my busy mind, nor know what to expect.

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