contentmentWhen forced to live in difficult conditions, a wise man exclaimed, “You can throw me into hell but you can never remove the paradise in my heart!” YES!

Santosha (Unconditional Contentment) is a fundamental aspect of true yoga. It requires taking absolute control of our inner peace regardless of circumstances.

When we feel wholeheartedly satisfied in the present moment, connection to the divine is attainable and supreme joy is achieved. Pure happiness can’t be messed with! Keeping the spirit in ecstasy even when the body suffers is hard work, especially during times of crisis and tragedy. When challenges arise, be proactive and ask how they can help you grow. But forbid them to poison the gem of your spirit.

Rumi says, “What strikes the oyster shell does not damage the pearl.” How Sweet!

Society has taught us from a young age to look for mistakes, which has created a spoiled culture who takes everything for granted. Instead of focusing on what’s wrong, notice what’s right. If you’re stuck in some discomfort remember-A lotus blossoms from the mud. (If it sounds like I’m preaching, it’s more directed towards myself.)

Our glowing inner essence is much stronger than our crazy, cynical, ego-driven monkey thoughts. Genuine Santosha will guide us into fulfilling depths of cosmic realization. Our evolution is a choice!

“People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

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