Symptoms of a Tantric Trance

by tirzah on August 29, 2015




“The beauty and wisdom of Tantra is that it enhances sexuality as a doorway to the “ecstatic mind of great bliss.” Truly, at the peak of orgasm, we pierce through the illusion of fragmentation and separation, and glimpse the unity and interconnectedness of all beings. And through the other-our partner-we fall in love with life.” ~Margot Anand

Although it is difficult to thoroughly express my personal experience with sexual Tantra, I will attempt to share with words from my heart.


Heavenly realms of full-bodied arousal

Luscious frequencies spiral up throughout every channel of my motionless body

Buzzing with extreme sense of profound peace

Letting go to complete intoxication of deep orgasmic ecstasy

Expansive waves of unexplainable delight ripple within each cell

Every particle of my being fluidly dissolved in the pure essence of Love

A safe immersion into joyful abandon, completely detached but never more connected

Melting deeper within Mother Earth’s nurturing embrace

Blending effortlessly with the delicate flow of all life

Tsunami of pulsating bliss flooding my mind

Bathed in tingling euphoric pleasures beyond measure

Propelled into a vast and transcendental dimension

Fully liberated from the confines of the physical world

Sheltered from the decaying action of lower vibrations

Higher awareness invites cloak of superficial worries to gently slip off

Wholly naked in a world of blessed sensual freedom

Savoring each enlightening surge of altered physiological activity

Absorbed in the interconnected webs of the “trip”

Shimmering softness embodies my being

My whole essence saturated with indescribable elation

Swirling and soaring weightlessly through space

A celestial body of golden luminescence, a twinkle in the star of life

My sacredness blossoming into eternity

I am a drifting cloud, receptive to the breeze, moving slowly in all directions

The entire universe permeates me as my consciousness blankets the world

Windows of my soul flash open like bubbles of sweet champagne

Birthing awareness to the awe-inspiring, bewildering beauty everywhere

Layers continue to shed revealing amazing abundance

Thrust into pure lucidity, a puddle of vibrating meditation

Transported through the portal of vivid cosmic truth

I am limitless, formless

Lost in surreal sensations

Total silence yet aware of astral humming from beyond

An opulent flower bursting towards radiant galaxies

Stardust tickling my finger pads

Moving in waves, I am the ocean

Penetrated by Love in an exquisitely divine dance

The tender dissolution of ego

A holy trance, my dreamland

Total Surrender

Absolute Joy


So much more than nerve ending stimulation and blood flow, climax is a mystical state of transcendental fulfillment which can be extremely transformative and a vehicle for accessing multidimensional realities.

“..There is so much release of joy in you. For a single moment you disappear… you don’t know who you are…you are pure energy vibrating, pulsating. With no center to it, with no ego in it…you lose all boundaries, separation. You become vast, huge. You are no more separate from the other. Matter no longer exists. …every fiber of your being will be throbbing.” ~Osho

I graciously and humbly honor my orgasmic states. They are beautiful, natural, and sacred. I recognize them as brilliant tools to further my spiritual evolution on this most illuminating path. I wholeheartedly offer each experience my deep devotion.

May each of us everywhere be blessed with transcendence and Love!


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Photo credit: Sylvia Ji



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