Tantra: The Purest Form of Love.


“You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

As most of my friends know, I have been falling in love for decades. Allowing myself to plunge in the ocean of semi-superficial flings has been an intoxicating hobby of mine.

I would often be found saying “I’ve never known love like this before,” and that was true! Every time.

Each obsessive infatuation brought up different emotions, pleasures, challenges and lessons. I enjoyed not being fully committed or tied down.

The freedom to love was enriching; it fed me.

I was usually satiated physically, mentally and emotionally, but rarely spiritually. My previous affairs lacked the luster of true, unconditional love.

Is that even possible in modern day relationships?

“Unconditional.” Sounds nice, doesn’t it? If we’re in love, we want to assume it’s absolutely infinite. As wild, ego-driven humans, we tend to attach love with desired outcomes. In this twisted, “civilized” world, lust and longing are often disguised as love.

A majority of relationships are based on “I love you if…I love you when.” Why not say, “I like you until you f*ck up.”

Genuine love isn’t a barter system; it comes without circumstances.

It can be a frustrating challenge to let go of our usual neediness to simply love with the whole heart, and without desperately yearning to receive something in return.

Our true being thrives from sincere, selfless love. Sacrificing our egos builds inner strength. When there is no agenda or hidden motives, and loving is simply enough, this is pure love.

It is Tantric love.

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