The Sexual Imbalance in Politics…from a Yogic Perspective

Our sexuality affects everyone around us, especially when the imbalance is as great as it is in politics.

When someone is sexually stable, they love and honor women and men of all sexes, races, orientation, and religious beliefs because they know variety is a celebrated expression of a harmonious nature.

As a usually very loving Tantra educator and intimacy coach, I identify greed, corruption, and an egotistical hunger for power to be stemming from sexual dysfunction and below the belt shortcomings.

When we’re involved in a healthy and enriching relationship with our bodies and/or our partners, sexual energy is invited to flow fluidly. This allows us to naturally exude peace, love, and joy for all humanity. Otherwise, negative, discriminating, stagnant energy controls our better judgment and poisons the world around us.

“If you want to know where your life is, look at your sexuality.” ~ Sri Prem Baba

No self-respecting women (or men) who have ever experienced the illuminating flush of deep sexual ecstasy could possibly be drawn to support something as shallow as our current deranged and misguided political parties.

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