The Unspoken Joys of Testes: A Women’s Perspective

During World Cup season I found myself especially interested in men and their balls. Not having a set of fun bags myself, I often stray to my lover’s nether regions to explore and fiddle with his figgy gems. I haven’t always been as interested in the hidden masculine oracles since I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them. They dwell in such a mystery area, a private enigma. They initially seemed a hindrance from the main attraction until I learned to appreciate and include the sacred jewels during or independent of intimacy.

Nearly daily I stretch, cup and play with my man’s special sac. Of course he doesn’t mind the attention and I’m able to familiarize myself more with the tremendous wonder of the male anatomy. I may incorporate nut play during sexy time but often I massage the testes simply to entertain myself and my man regardless of whether sex is on the menu. I find it so amusing those prized packages can be leisurely hanging loose on the outside of one’s body.

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