Why Nature Sex is my Church

As my body lies carefree on the supportive embrace of the ground, I’m reminded to let go.

Mind chatter ceases. My attention shifts to my breath and the subtle vibrations beginning to circulate within my welcoming human form.

Connecting so closely with the earth elicits a potent sense of firm foundation. I am like a tree with a base to keep me grounded, while my consciousness is given the freedom to roam. With no pressing matters of unnecessary stress to hold onto, I melt into the moment, fully aware that surrender is the key to powerful sex.

Sometimes, I hear nothing but waves, or a trickling river birthed by snow-capped mountains, a gentle breeze, and birds serenading one another with their charming love songs.

I hear my own breath deepen and that of my beloved’s. I welcome dirt, sand, and grass to mingle with my backside. I long to feel the prana (life force) from below frolicking with my own. I offer my nudity to the rawness of the land. I am warmly blanketed by Mother Earth, whose essence encourages copulation, and allows layers to dissolve along with my busy ego.

Unconstrained by the prison of clothes, my lover and I begin to explore one another. There is no rush.

The sense receptors on my skin absorb the appeasing freshness in the air. I become less concerned with how I look or sound. The earth inspires me to remove all masks of identity, to be unapologetically real, human, playful, and innocent.

Telluric energy streams into the channels of my being as I become more familiar with the fact I’m not separate from nature, but rather an extension of her. My perception heightens as it eases past my limited five senses. I give myself. I pray. I consecrate the fruits of my blessed union to Divine Consciousness, the source of will and manifestation.

The arousal builds fast, as it usually does when I’m outdoors, distanced from societal drama and heavy city vibes. I have no concern for time or space. The big blue planet’s sanctuary encourages me to check out of the often frustrating mundane and tune into the pure rhythms of life. Stirring sexual energy guides me to envision total planetary peace. I remind myself that visionary fantasies don’t need to be imprisoned by the walls of practicality.

I let the fullness of my inhalations increase elasticity in my lungs as the molecules dance with the surrounding atmosphere. The exhalations encourage a deeper relaxation.

My bodily expressions invite my consort into my sacred temple. I’m entered very slowly as he looks at me. I’m present and participating in the cherished moment as it is so holy. The profound vibrations of yin and yang merging into one cause me to pray again. I’m becoming the earth now. Wide and free. Abundant. Alive without borders, creating, expanding, trusting to be moved in harmonious directions. Melting into all that was and all that ever will be.

No doubt spirit is involved in our coitus, and she is quite pleased. As my man’s pillar of life kisses the most receptive pole in my body, tears drench my face. His solar wand acts as an instrument which allows my skin-encapsulated feminine form to catapult further into significant joy beyond mortality. Male and female yoking in non-duality.

Feeling beneath me the living entity of earth while receiving my lover evokes a profound merging with God. I am heaven, dirt, clouds, the smooth river rocks, and the flowing water I hear.

I am the moon and she is me. 

I am the wildlife, the shimmering stars. I am the earthworms, the seedlings, the nearby blossoms, and the sun that gives them life. I am the woodland nymph, and jungle pixie, the seductive mermaid, and wise old witch.

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Artwork by the beautifully talented Josephine Wall

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