Backbending. Do it.

3 Muddy Gras (43)In this “civilized” society we are constantly sitting in a collapsed position. You know you are! This posture is not natural and can cause a number of physical and emotional ailments (not fun).
When we curl forward (like when we type!), our back muscles get stretched out and our chest muscles get tight and short.
If you want to live a long and healthy life, it’s important to stretch in the counter direction to avoid being hunched over for too long.
Rounding forward can close off our hearts and restrict vital energy flow. Our supple lungs and abdominal organs have trouble functioning properly in hunched over positions! It also causes the vertebrae to push backwards out of alignment. Nobody wants that!
Many of us may feel protective of our vulerable heart so leaning back can be scary. Backbending is an amazing way to encourage confidence, relieve a stiff back and shoulders, pump cerebral-spinal fluid (which helps clear the mind) and unlock the spirit within! Bending back also squeezes the kidneys and adrenals, which release adrenaline, and may bring on a happy buzz!
It’s important to stick the chest way out (come on ladies, we do this anyway). Create space in that area and bring the shoulders back while elongating the spine. A healthy spine really does keep you young!
Backbends are free, healthy, rejuvenating and encourage youthfulness! The closer your heart is to your navel, the older you are. Think about it. Bending forward also has it’s benefits, just not all day long. Start with very gentle backbends. Please lengthen the spine before leaning back. This action may be too intense, so start slow and soft. Try an easy, restorative backbend and lay on your back with a pillow under your shoulder blades. Always work with your breath and listen to your body.
Backbends can be so fantastically delicious!
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