breathingOur incredible bodies are designed to remove over 70% of toxins through the breath! The majority of us only use 10% of our entire lung capacity! Air is free! Take advantage of it! But please, please breathe through the nose. A mouth isn’t meant for breathing.

Drawing air in and out of the nose moistens, cleanses, filters and warms the air. Breathing through the mouth can actually lead to a number of medical problems, such a poor oxygen in the blood stream and it isn’t sexy.

Nasal breathing regulates blood pressure, improves circulation, strengthens the lungs, makes the heart stronger and reduces stress. It also brings in more vital energy.

Each nostril has five cranial nerves corresponding to different sides of the brain. That’s why it’s nice to practice alternate nostril breathing. This is a highly regarded technique in ancient yoga circles because it flushes the ida and pingala channels, the two secondary channels running along side the main sushumna. When these are cleansed, Kundalini has a clear path to rise.

Breath has a direct link to the brain and can help us think clearer. When we inhale fully, the lungs expand causing the diaphragm to drop and tone the abdominal organs. When we exhale completely, we remove all the stale air from the lungs causing the diaphragm to raise up and massage the pericardium sac around the heart.

Yoga, qi gong and tai chi all use breath to achieve a more relaxed, expansive state. Plus, if you’re a scuba diver, your air will last much longer if you breathe slow and deep! Deliberate relaxed breathing is also key to powerfully sacred sex.

The 17th century mystic, Kariba Ekken, said, “If you would foster a calm spirit, first regulate your breathing; for when that is under control, the heart will be at peace; but when breathing is spasmodic, then it will be troubled. Therefore, before attempting anything, first regulate your breathing on which your temper will be softened, your spirit calmed.”

The average adult breathes 23,040 times each day. It is said that if you breathe only 108 times a day, you’ve reached enlightenment!

Proper breathing is one of the most important habits we can do to improve and maintain our health. Breathe deep and let’s put the drug companies out of business!

Practice inhaling and exhaling deeply, slowly and mindfully all the way down to a cellular level and always acknowledge that sweet space in between!

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