Gone Coconuts!

cover pic (1)Coo coo for coconuts! A coconut is superb in every form!

In Sanskrit, coconuts are called “Kalpa Vriksha” which translates to “the tree that gives all that is necessary for living!”

The almighty coconut can produce drink, fiber, food, fuel, utensils, musical instruments and so much more!

What is it though? A nut, a seed a fruit, or all three??

Coconut water is loaded with potassium so it’s great for preventing strokes, heart attacks and hangovers. It’s been a staple in Southeast Asia for years. Within the US, the coconut water industry has gone from zero to $35 million in the past five years!  It’s an incredibly hydrating, low-calorie, electrolyte-rich drink. You can buy it almost anywhere, although it tastes best directly from a coconut. If you’re still drinking soda, try replacing it with coconut water and watch your entire world transform into a healthy, jolly playground.

The water from coconuts has even been used as a substitute for blood plasma in IVs because it’s nearly identical!

Coconut oil is also heavenly magnificent. For extra shine, moisture and protection, slather some all over your body and in your hair. You’ll smell like a tropical dream! It’s beneficial for strong teeth and healthy bones, too.

Yes, it’s saturated fat, but the good kind! “Multiple studies on Pacific Island populations who get up to 60% of their calorie intake from fully saturated coconut oil have all shown nearly non-existent rates of cardiovascular disease.”

Replace genetically modified corn, soy or canola oil with coconut oil for cooking! (Please, please, please do not consume anything with partially hydrogenated oils. These are very evil forms added to foods to prolong shelf life. They are destroyers of health & happiness.)

Coconut oil is antiviral, promotes weight loss, has regenerative effects on the skin and helps destroy gut fungi. Coconut oils were even used in Ayurvedic medicine 4,000 years ago.

Coconuts allow the thyroid (boosts metabolism and energy production) to function properly, too.

Raw coconut meat is full of fiber and great for digestive health.

Coconuts revitalize your entire being! GONE COCONUTS!

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