Guan Yin

by tirzah on May 10, 2013

guan yinThis post is dedicated to Guan Yin. She is one of my new, special, astral angels and I deeply honor her.

Otherwise known as the female Buddha, Guan Yin is the beautiful goddess of compassion and mercy. East Asian Buddhists believe that when they depart from this world, Guan Yin places them in the cozy heart of a lotus before they are sent to the “land of bliss.”

She exhibits purity, peace, harmony, kindness and genuine love.

Guan Yin listens to the sounds/prayers of the human world and has a strong willingness to help those in need. She is usually barefoot wearing a flowing white robe. She is so comforting, you’d just want to hug her!

There are 1000’s of different cultural depictions of this divine guardian. In this image she has 18 arms in order to spread warm hugs all over! When bringing her to mind, I can feel her love!

Thank you kindly Guan Yin for coming into my world! After I wrote this, she appeared in statue form at the corner of the yoga studio I’d been practicing in for days! What a sweet celestial spirit!

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