Happy Diwali!!

diwaliNew moon blessings everyone! What a brilliant time on earth to wipe our dirty slates clean of nasty hate, ignorance and fear! Just let that shit go already!
In India (& other parts of the world) there is a festival of lights (Diwali) happening right now!! Millions of lamps are lit which represent individual awareness coming out of the dark! How perfect! They are lit to spark the divine light of consciousness, wisdom and love.
Diwali celebrates good over evil! Yay! Go ahead and defeat your own demon king! Like a Phoenix rising and a snake shedding it’s old skin; liberate yourself from any and all baggage and ignite that radiant fire within your heart! Whatever isn’t serving you and making you incredibly happy, now is the time to LET IT GO! Clear the space for amazingness to enter! Don’t over-analyze. Just relinquish control, spread your wings and fly little angels! This is truly a time of “powerful renewal!” Woo Hoo!
During an eclipse, shadows are made light (metaphor?). Time to reboot your system! Get a henna tattoo, invite friends over, eat sweets, light sparklers, play, frolic, prance, do charitable acts, scream really loud, blow kisses, wave at people you don’t know, dance naked around a bonfire!
“May the Supreme Light illumine your minds, enlighten your hearts, and strengthen the human bonds in your homes and communities!” -Hindu Texts
Sending colorful, sparkly, shimmering love to everyone!
Happy Diwali! (PS. I was so yoga high when I wrote this.)
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