Happy Hooping

Hoopcamp 2010 (97)In the 1950’s hula hooping was banned in Japan, claiming that rotating the hips was indecent. This motion is actually very beneficial for our physical and emotional bodies. We tend to hold a lot of stress and negative emotions (sadness, guilt, fear) in our hip area.

When we open up the hips through movement, it can release energy blocks and allow mana/prana/chi (energy) to move freely, creating a deep satisfying sensation. Hip rotation also strengthens and tones the muscles in our waist, legs and butt, and relieves back soreness while strengthening the spine.

Belly dancing, hula, yoga and hula hooping all encourage movement in the pelvic area. If you sit for long periods of time, please get up and circle those beautiful hips! It’s an important area to keep strong and healthy!

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