tongueYour tongue is a hydrostat! It’s similar to an elephant’s trunk and tentacles on an octopus. It’s made up of a bundle of muscles that operate without being attached to bones. It heals faster than any other part of the body. It’s the strongest muscle and the only one connected at just one end!

If your tongue were as big as an elephant’s trunk, it could uproot trees, too! Tongue prints are as unique as fingerprints. The blue whale has the largest tongue in the animal kingdom (as big as an elephant!).

According to Guinness, the hardest tongue twister is “the sixth sick sheikh’s sixth sheep sick.” Wow, that was tricky!

The tongue is a hard little worker. Even when we sleep, it brings saliva to our throat. It reacts to different processes taking place in the body and can tell you a lot about the state of your health.

In ancient times, people could draw information about their internal well-being from their tongue even before the appearance of painful symptoms. A healthy tongue is a pleasant pink color.

Take good care of your amazing tongue! Scrape it every morning!

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