Nature Nurtures

IMG_4038Plants and trees are living, breathing air filters. They detoxify the air by absorbing substances that can harm us (carbon dioxide, dust..). Being in nature reduces stress and fatigue, increases immunity and improves sleep. Plus, it’s fun to play outside!

Eyes that focus on the wide world, not just the close-up screen, have less need for glasses. Eyes need exercise,too! Being outside encourages our eyes to see all around in random directions, rather than just straight in front of us. Playing outdoors boosts creativity and imagination.

Experts believe that sunlight has mood-elevating effects (I believe it!), possibly because serotonin (happy hormone) increases when nights are short and sunny days are long. Sunshine is a perfect source of vitamin D, too.

Get an outdoor massage (like on a seacliff in Huelo!), practice your fitness outside, go sit in the grass, notice funny shapes in the clouds, do cartwheels on the beach, prance through a flowery meadow, climb a tree! Or just take a short walk and notice some of the brilliant mysteries of the outside world. Walking helps us gather our thoughts while increasing oxygen to the brain and releasing tension.

We miss out on so much when we avoid nature.

I adore the outside world!

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