Save the Planet. Eat Bugs.

Bugs. Who needs ’em?
“If all the insects were to disappear from earth, within 50 years, all life on earth would end. If abugsll human beings disappeared from earth, within 50 years, all forms of life would flourish!” -Jonas Salk
Bugs are serious business. I guess they deserve a better reputation. I honestly don’t see the point of mosquitoes, roaches and flies though.
Eating bugs has it’s benefits. Crickets are high in calcium and iron and low in fat and carbs. Certain caterpillars contain more protein than chicken and water bugs have up to four times as much iron as beef! Eating insects is much more environmentally friendly and requires no industrial farming and pesticides!
Time Magazine says that insects are “crawling packets of nutrition!”
Westerners are scared of bugs and unaware of their incredibly important role on the planet. Silly Americans and their “eww” factor. We eat cows and pigs but bugs are gross? They aren’t nearly as dirty. Insects are part of a well-balanced meal all around Asia, Africa and most of the world! Westerners are the picky weird ones on a global scale.
Red, orange or yellow, forget this fellow. Black, green or brown, wolf it down.”
Eating bugs may be the most sustainable way to feed humanity. The UN is now working on strategies to cut levels of meat consumption worldwide to eliminate famine, deforestation and global warming by adding insects to our diet as an alternative. -UK News
Insects—part delicacy, part gag—are chic again.” -the New Yorker
Years ago, all the books on insects in a library in Georgia were destroyed by termites. What were they hiding?
In yoga,  dead bug pose is a nice way to open up the hips. Lie down on your back, bend knees, bring your arms on the inside of your legs and your hands on the inside of your feet. Pull down. Head and neck stay relaxed. Almost like happy baby pose but slightly different hand position.
Save the planet! Eat bugs!
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