Thymus thump

thymusLocated in the middle of the chest, just above the upper breastbone, lies the elusive thymus gland. Once thought to be useless (poor thymus), this brilliant gland puts up a great fight against foreign cells (get ’em thymus!) It also monitors and balances our energy flow.

The Greek word “thymos” loosely translates to breath-soul, feeling or stuff of consciousness. The thymus is the first organ to be affected at an energy level by our emotional state.

Hate, envy and fear weaken our sweet, little thymus while feelings of love, faith and gratitude strengthen it. During stress, it can shrink up to 1/2 it’s size. So weird!

Having your tongue in the proper position (resting on the roof of your mouth just behind front teeth) balances your life energy and makes the thymus very happy. Frequent smiling is a great way to strengthen your thymus!

Thump your thymus for a boost of vitality Or, if you’re feeling sick, tap this area lightly with your fingertips to increase immunity response.

Thank you dear thymus for protecting me against nasty foreign invaders.

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