svathistanaSweet sexy svadhisthana! So dear and divine you are!

Loosely translated as the dwelling place of the self, the second chakra is located in the sacral area at the base of our sex organs. It corresponds with sensuality, imagination, fantasy and self indulgence.

When balanced, our capacity for creativity, expression and passion is heightened. A strong svadhisthana results in a healthy attitude towards sexuality. The sacral chakra relates to the moon, water and tastes.

When it gets imbalanced, emotional disorders arise and can negatively affect how we relate to each other. Placing blame, power trips and self-centeredness are common. We might feel stuck in routine, unnecessarily guilty and distrusting. Possessiveness (too common in relationships!) comes from a disconnected svadhisthana.

Represented by a fantastic, orange, 6-petaled lotus, the second chakra is regarded as the core of our unconscious personality.

Boost your exquisite svadhisthanistic self by immersing in flowing water, have a dance party, give birth to inspiring art, sing songs and make love! Fuel your svathistana with flavorful, mouth-watering food and take time to really taste it! Focus not on what it is, but HOW it is.

Guess what else is perfect for boosting the 2nd chakra-Hula hooping!

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